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Pitra Dosh Nivaran Mantra

Pitra dosh arises because our forefathers and ancestors have not yet got the salvation or moksha from this world. This happens because when they died at an early age, their death was unnatural and they had a strong feeling to achieve some desires before death.

those desires have not achieved and completed yet than in such a situation their souls don’t get the Moksha or salvation and always wander around us to complete these things. Our ancestors also don’t get moksha or salvation when they wrong deed and sin in their life.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

In Hindu Dharam this can be done in Shradh, a 16 days long lunar period when by Shradh Pooja and other ritual things can be completed and help to get them salvage or Moksha. This a period in which we can help our ancestors in getting Moksha, by completing their desires. If we don’t know the reason etc. then we can use this Mantra to remove the Pitra Dosh from our Life and send our ancestors to heaven.

This a Mantra which we should chant all 16 days early in the morning after taking the bath. we should white and light color cloth and light up a Ghee Diya in front of God . after that we should take the Sankalp to remember our all forefathers and ancestors wellness and their moksha. If we feel that we have done wrong with them in life then we should pray them for forgiveness and start the chant of this Mantra.

Pitra Dosh Solution

This Mantra will help you to relieve from the Pitra Dosh and if you want to get some more about your ancestors and forefathers then you feel free to contact the Aghori Chetan Mahakal Ji who is a specialist in it and definitely will solve your problem. Many people have come and contact him yet and get the solution from Pitra Dosh 100%.

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